The Into The Wild experience allows men to get back to nature and put simply, just BE. Over the border of NSW at the wonderful Saltwater Creek, the pristine and untouched beach, Saltwater. Abound with wildlife and peace, its unmatched beauty and tranquillity allows men of all ages to reset their biological clocks. No reception means the addiction to screens is not possible here, we go back to nature and hunter/gathering.

During the day Hard Cuddles takes you fishing, surfing, swimming or hiking. With the perfect balance of downtime, relaxation and rest it makes for a once in a lifetime experience.



The most important thing any human can learn in life is there really isn’t a right or wrong, there is only what you learn from life. Waiting for everything to line up perfectly, is never going to happen, you are missing the best bits waiting for something that is never coming.

This misunderstanding is one of key triggers to the feeling people have named, mental illness. Of course you are going to be unbalanced if all your energy is focused on a mirage that always seems to be ahead of you, there is nothing more frustrating.  Your energy is best used serving your soul with positive emotional support. Things that make your heart and soul vibrate with love.



For many different reasons in the current community young men are losing their way, with more importance placed on things like social media and materialism the gap between what is real and synthetic is a large one that is continuing to grow.

At Hard Cuddles we bring things back to its original authentic truth, being there for one another and allowing the honesty to come through. There is nothing more inspiring than giving the young man the support he needs to believe in himself. The courage to make decisions based on what he feels is right for him and having the strength to honour that feeling.