A graphic, authentic and often humorous autobiography of a young man’s journey into Melbourne’s underworld and nightclub scene in recent past. The “Hammer” was determined to carve out a career in a world of treachery, and intimidation.

This story gives the reader a rare insight into addiction, the dark art of violence and ego in the world of a drug dealer, debt collector and stand over man in Melbourne’s under-world scene.

An embracing family background and unwavering ability to believe he was destined for redemption allowed “The Hammer” to claw his way back from the darkness and use his hard-earned experience to assist men to break the cycle of addiction and crime to re-discover their own power and spirit.

“Nice work mate! Proud of you and glad to call you my friend.”

-Trevor Hendy AM



At Hard Cuddles we provide a unique and innovative peer support program to assist males with the emotional challenges we are now facing. Providing a combination of mentoring and outdoor therapy. We look holistically at the emotional side of what it is like, to be a man in today’s society. For a long time we have been encouraged to man up and suppress the feelings that are plaguing us. What we have learned, is the statistics around male suicide and mental health are at an all-time high and the existing support for men is outdated and behind the time.

The Hard Cuddles team harnesses our lived experiences, stories and processes to facilitate the full circle presentation. A workshop designed to navigate emotional well-being, self-worth culture and leadership. Connecting with various organisations across the country, our focus is on prevention and understanding. We believe that everyone has their own unique story and it’s in the communities best interest to create an open environment that allows males the support and platform to explain that story and address our challenges.

“I love to use the word courage and strength when talking about men. For too long these words have been associated with bravado and being macho, courage and strength have nothing to do with either of these words.” - James Harding

“Its not until you stop….and take notice do you start to reach for the upper echelon, not of wealth, but of humanity…” - Kate Harding


I am a recovering drug addict, at my worst, a 77 kilogram emaciated mess in desperate need of love, guidance and support. Now I am the proud father of five children, a loving husband and founder of the Hard Cuddles organisation. During my time in the abyss of addiction I noticed there wasn’t any real support or programs for males in my position. So I decided to create what I thought was missing in the mental health industry.



The Into The Wild experience allows men to get back to nature and put simply, just BE. Over the border of NSW at the wonderful Saltwater Creek, is the pristine and untouched beach, Saltwater. The days on this adventure consist of fishing, surfing, swimming or hiking. With the perfect balance of downtime, relaxation and rest. It makes for a once in a lifetime experience for men of ages and backgrounds


The most important thing any human can learn in life is there really isn’t a right or wrong, there is only what you learn from life. Waiting for everything to line up perfectly, is never going to happen, you are missing the best bits waiting for something that is never coming. At Hard Cuddles we feel our energy is best used serving your soul with positive emotional support. 


For many different reasons in the current community young men are losing their way, with more importance placed on things like social media and materialism the gap between what is real and synthetic is a large one. We bring the focus back to its original authentic truth, being there for one another, allowing the honesty to come through and inspiring change through understanding.


The Big Game Experience is an amazing few days with your mates and an opportunity to forget about land and everything that goes with it. A chance to connect with each other and the ocean, by sharing some time at one of Australia’s most beautiful wonders, The Great Barrier Reef. It has been said that the Black Marlin has no known adversary when they get massive and this soon becomes a reality as you battle with an apex predator.


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