The connection to the saltwater is such a primal and undeniable enjoyment. Spending time in Far North Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef, is pretty hard to top. That is precisely why we have set up the ultimate Big Game Experience. After arriving at Cairns airport, you board another plane for the last leg of the trip out to Cooktown. A remote destination with a definite charm, Cooktown feels like another time. With mango trees and wildlife wild in the streets, one gets the feeling this is one of those places that time forgot. It’s their you will head down to the wharf and meet the Captain and board the 43ft Obrien Sport Fisher to head out to the reef for the ultimate in blue water activities.

Once out the smaller lures are thrown over-board where bait fishing begins for the Big Black Marlin. Other species caught are GT, Cobia, Coral Trout, Dolphin Fish, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and Dog Tooth Tuna. In the afternoon when the Big Black’s come on the bite, the baits go out till dusk in pursuit of what can only be described as raw pulling power. It has been said that the Black Marlin has no known predator when they get big, so that is the only real way to explain what it is like to fight a fish of that calibre. It’s a torturous, muscle burning workout of epic proportions and if you happen to catch a real Black Marlin, it will be one of the proudest moments of your life.

For me it was life changing, to have a fish that you have dreamt about catching since you were a little boy tagged and released, is completely profound. Immediately afterwards I needed to sit down and really bask in and enjoy the moment. It was just so humbling feeling the power and speed of an apex predator, to see a fish like that rise out of the blue water and dance across the surface trying to throw that hook is indescribable. To see it jump time and time again in a vain attempt to show you what it is capable of is truly inspiring and to experience this with your friends, is what life is all about. Out in the wilderness, appreciating nature.

The Big Game Experience is an amazing few days with your mates and an opportunity to forget about land and everything that goes with it. A chance to connect with each other and the ocean, by sharing some time at one of Australia’s most beautiful wonders, The Great Barrier Reef.

The Big Game Experience is one of those bucket list entries, it needs to be experienced to be believed. 


One of the turning points in my life was walking the Kokoda Trek. Rated the 3rd hardest walk in the world, Kokoda is a rite of passage for anyone that is Australian. To understand the significance of what the ANZAC’s went through is to appreciate the fabric and essence of what the Australian spirit is all about.

The comradery and mateship involved in completing such a gruelling challenge is part of what makes it so special. 9 days of absolute concentration, it tests your will and ability to endure pain, both physically and mentally.

Kokoda simply builds character and a foundation for anyone that finishes the walk to be able to draw on when challenged in life.
Hard cuddles can tailor a package that allows the client to experience an understanding of the what the diggers sacrificed. The key component to the trek is the knowledge of the Australian tour guides, who all have a minimum of 10 Kokoda treks. The guides have a sound understanding of the key historical moments that shaped the battles at this iconic jungle and thoroughly enjoy sharing them with the clients. The passion and love of the spiritual significance this place offers is amazing. Kokoda forces the guides and trekkers to make an incredible connection with each other and the land for a truly life changing journey.

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