I am a recovering drug addict 10 years sober, at my worst, a 77 kilogram rake in desperate need of some love, guidance and support. After deciding one day that my only option was to get clean, there was an overwhelming feeling that this road trip was about going it alone. There was a need to take this journey by myself.

The battle began… to get some clarity.  Slowly amazing things began to happen for me, before long some incredible people started walking into my life. These incredible people showed me that I……. could manifest the best version of myself.
Spiritual perspective was forming, on what it meant to be a highly functioning human being.

Through an extensive spiritual and emotional experience of re-evaluating everything my mind had taught me was normal, it became very clear to me that being present and in the current moment was all that mattered. Well-being was more about enjoying all the moments of life and not so much about the end destination.

 After discovering that being well is a choice.  I began working with males on an emotional level to help them understand and develop their feelings to best serve themselves.
Having had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing people, today it is as much about learning for me, as it is for my clients. It’s truly the most inspiring feeling in the world to breakthrough together with another brother. This is why I love my position…. in this crazy world.
Love James ‘the hammer’ Harding



“Ive been lost in the abyss of drugs, consumed by addictions and unresolved emotions. Ive been to jail, lost children, houses, a business and sometimes my mind. Grief, fear, shame, anger, rage, depression were my chains. My war to find my true self. A life of pain was my keeper. But I’m still standing.

Steven Kline has an ability to engage with people in a raw and authentic fashion. His open and honest nature portrays an element of truth that is lacking in a society overshadowed by the pretence of social media. Using his vulnerability as a sword, Steven displays a level of empathy and compassion that underpins a message of self-belief to create a synchronicity with audiences and clients alike.

Recently Steven accompanied the Hard Cuddles team to Hopkins Correctional Facility and facilitated a self-belief workshop for the inmates. The assessment and transition co-ordinator was overwhelmed with Steven’s redemptive story and energy, praising his demeanour and courage to come back to prison to help other men.

What you get with the “NEXT CONTEST” is a mentor and facilitator determined to use his life experience to show other humans beings, that it is possible to overcome any challenge.

We are both proud and honoured to call Steven a valued member of the Hard Cuddles organisation.